Tuesday, June 2, 2009


I got my hair done last wednesday,
everytime i get my hair done i feel fresh and new, its great!

so ive gone from this....


this is the left side...

this is the right side....

and this is the full frontal...

im so happy with it.
and i was asked to model for my hairdresser

i worked last saturday with my aunty at endota spa,
i really enjoyed it :]
evrerytime me and aunty are together people tend to think shes my mother or sister so because we were wearing matching uniform we decided to take a picture

well thats my rant for tonight.
i must study for my exams now.
*thumbs down*

theres only two more to go though then its all over!

Sunday, May 24, 2009


after 30mins of cracking it because my blogger account wasnt working i finally found the issue and fixed it.
It has been a few months since ive posted a blog and nans been on my back about it ;P
a fair amount has changed in my life,

ive bleached my hair back to blonde but that will change this wednesday gettinig my hair dyed black with fudge blue and fudge purple through it, should look ace :]

im in year eleven + i have my mid year exams in two weeks, so nervous :/

im single, the boyfriend got sent to darwin and stuff happened *thumbs down*

im finally getting some income of my own :D makes me happy.

ive been offered a traineeship at endota spa in forest hill along side my aunty, which is very exciting ^_^

ive been spending a lot of time with my best mate matt, he is pretty much my counselor for life haha im always there for him just like his always there for me, been friends since late year seven ^_^
this is him :)

also me and one of my girlfriends have planned to move in together when im 18 and we decided to plan what our house would look like, this is the result haha

Abby is her new kitten :]

anyway, i must do some homework now before we go off to see night at the museum 2, cant wait i hope its not a let down.
i love ben stiller haha.

bye bye.x

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

good night :)

tonight my nan, sal and I made little projects!

Nan and Sal made gorgeous memory frames, their deciding whether or not to wear them to Paperiffic next friday.
even though it took them an hour to get started! haha
they used really pretty vintage photos, in the end result they were sweet and simple.

I had to make a photo frame using glue on aluminum foil, it wasnt the easiest thing in the world but it the end it looked great and i fell in love with it.
I used tim holtz idea of alcohol ink to stain the foil to create the colour that i have.
I love the technique id use it on everything if i could!

Things have gotten a little hectic as its the end of the night and were all very tired haha
so ill write up here again soon.


:D This is my work of art..

This is Sal's work of art....

and this is Nans (kazmoskreations.com.au) work of art...

hope you enjoy them.
comments appreciated!!


Monday, October 6, 2008

personality test

I think this test matches me exactly which is quite odd.
but yeah at least you can get more of an idea of the kind of person i am :)


Change averse||||||||||||50%
Peter pan complex||||||23%
Family drive||||||||||||50%
Physical Fitness||||||||||||50%

Work ethic||||||||||||||||70%
Conflict seeking||||||23%
Need to dominate||||||30%

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Well here goes nothing...

well since my nan Karen - (owner of kazmoskreationz) - seems to be on here all the time or always talking about it i thought id give this blogging thing a go

hints an tips would be handy every now and then just general stuff..

im fun happy loving and ejoying life